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We want to provide content for expat and tourists who what to stay and live in Vietnam. Vietnam has a lot of opportunities as a new graduated or if you are more advanced. Find out which kind of positions and jobs are available in Vietnam if you want to stay here for the long term : waiter, engineer in a bank, cook, sales, English teacher ...

Information for tourists and foreigners living and moving to Vietnam

Some foreigners are looking for some informations very specific and because they are not able to talk and understand Vietnamese, it's pretty hard for them. In a view to offer them solutions, we decided to create this website focusing on topic that are important (health, food, travel ...) to help them find correct information about their need.

How to stay, work or get retired in Vietnam ?

Vietnam attract every year more and more foreigners who want to settle down in Vietnam. The main reason is the attractiveness of the country, the cheap cost of living, the high employment rate and opportunities for young and entrepreneur.

  • For French speakers and Swiss who want to move there to get retired, a great article has been written by and title "retraite au vietnam" for the people who want to emigrate and work there.
  • For the ambitious young, students, and expat who want to move to Vietnam, they will find on a lot of articles in French and English to know the cost of living, the best cities to live in Vietnam, how to find a job as a beginner or senior for a westerner or local company in Ho Chi Minh city, Hoi An or Hanoi ...